Ockelbo Municipality

Ockelbo – A place to flourish
In Ockelbo we give priority to the green, natural and growing,
We welcome – we stand for a safe and welcoming society
We grow- we allow people to grow and prosper together
We collaborate- we interact with others, both locally, regionally and globally
Ockelbo is a small municipality with almost 6000 inhabitants in northern Gästrikland.

The oldest traces of settlements are from the Iron Age. We are at the north- south border of attractive scenery between vast golden fields, blue tinged mountains and deep green spruce forests. There are conditions and opportunities for your growing here. If you are here for a day, some days, or why not the rest of your life, you will always have a chance to get nourishment and inspiration.

A green life among the most well composed gardens, the friendly districts, the wildest we have; the deep forest animals. Genuine experiences we can offer both in enjoyable and educational forms at the place where the winter is always winter and summer is always summer.

With our good communications it is easy to reach Ockelbo, but we are far enough away so that you as a visitor feels away for real.

Real experiences
Wij Gardens is bursting with life, discovery and pioneering spirit. All your senses will be appealed when you walk through this destination with display gardens, sale of plants, food, gardening and crafts. It also offers art exhibitions, events and courses.

The wild in the deep woods
They are there in our forests, wild animals and predators.

The elk may be shy, but in our Elk Park you can get really close to them. The many lakes and streams also provide excellent fishing possibilities.

In Ockelbo you can go swimming in one of our lakes or visit our indoor swimming pool. There is also opportunities such as riding school, ski trails and running tracks, ski slope in Rönnåsen which also offers archery, biathlon and mountain biking.

Fertile ground for entrepeneurs
There are an unusually high number of small and medium enterprises which form a solid base in the municipality. Historically the most important industries came from the people in Ockelbos ability to work with the natural resources: iron and forest. Nowadays there is a great variety among the companies. Plastics Companies producing plastic parts for appliances, vehicles, and water slides that are exported around the world. Carpentry delivers special windows and other woodwork throughout the country.

High-tech measuring instruments are developed and manufactured in Ockelbo. Our food business produce and process local products and some are to be served at luxury restaurants. Ockelbo is also the purveyor to the royal court of a living prince.

Ockelbo facts
Area: 1 070 km2
Inhabitants: 5 765 people
Time to biggest town Gävle: 25 minutes
Time to Stockholm: 2 hours



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Mayor Magnus Jonsson